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Yoga Roller Set

Yoga Roller Set

Practical 3-in-1 set for a variety of physical exercises.

Yoga Roller Set

Set Contents:

  • 1x inner rod/-wheel

  • 1x central wheel

  • 1x external wheel

The pratical 3-in-1 wheel offers you a multitude of possibilities. Starting with the external (dark) wheel:

Because of its width and diameter, the wheel is ideal for large body areas such as your back or thighs.

With the central wheel you can have more pressure, not only because of the grooves on the surface. If you even want to roll out your bonded musles a lot more, you also have the rod from the inner core. Because of its handle on both sides you can use the rod for small muscles parts.

For demanding "rollers" both wheels can be used at the same time. The black wheel under the calves and the orange one under your back. Just re stuck the wheels in each other to save more room.


Inner rod/-wheel: 45.4cm long and 3,9cm diameter

Central wheel: 45,6cm long and 10cm diameter

External wheel: 46,2cm long and 15.2cm diameter

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Artikelnnummer LUYRS
Prijs € 39,90



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